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Vaccine Production Line

Our focus

Investment Focus

We enjoy investing in arguably the most attractive healthcare lanes, where we have unparalleled relationships across physician specialties and with next-generation delivery models, software and tech-enabled services and innovative med tech and value-added services, where our investment opportunities have significant and sustainable growth opportunities available.

Common components

The investment opportunities that we pursue, tend to have similar attributes such as:

  • Physician specialty or medical category focus 

  • Scalable products, technology or services

  • Multiple avenues for growth

  • High strategic and/or financial buyer interest

  • Strong and expanding team

Investment lanes

CUE focuses on specific areas within healthcare:

  • Physician Clinics

  • Medical Technology & Value-Added Services

  • Provider Software & Services

  • Digital & Patient Health

Business entry points

We pursue transformational growth opportunities across our areas of interest through:

  • Control buyouts: driving transformational growth and buy-and-builds, while investing in company infrastructure

  • Minority growth: pursuing high growth companies in strong end markets

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